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Amanda Jane Ogden

Amanda Jane Ogden is a quilt-maker, designer, writer and teacher. She owns a textiles design business called Amanda Jane Textiles. You can find her 100+ fabric designs and her 20+ patterns on the website, where you can also read the weekly blog post.

Talks for groups:
1 'Coming to Textiles the Long Way Round'
2 Trunk show (quilts and how/why they were made)
3 'The Joys and Woes of Running a Micro-business'

Workshops for groups:
1 'Inspired by Colour' design workshop
2 Twenty-five ways to print
3 Lino-cut printing
4 Quilters' Bag
5 Portfolio Bag (to carry a large cutting mat or sketchpad) and long case for brushes

Get in touch with me

I accept commissions and I am available as a teacher and a speaker.

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