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Christine Burgess

I have been sewing since the age of seven and like a lot of people I used to make my own clothes as well as for my growing family. I made my daughters wedding dress using a bought pattern as close to the design she wanted and redesigned before I pinned it to the fabric. When making clothes became too costly to continue, I missed the enjoyment of creating things and like all crafters did a variety of crafts but returned to my love of fabrics and sewing. I began making patchwork quilts, I love the feel of cutting fabric and choosing fabric colours to go with one another, sewing the patches together and looking at my work is a real soother to my working day. I am highly critical of my work like most quilters but I enjoy it all the same!

I belong to four patchwork groups locally and enjoy the difference between them. Two are simply friends who meet to sit, sew, chat and encourage, while the other two are groups that have planned workshops and projects on the go throughout the year.

I have been coordinator of The British Quilt Study Group (BQSG) and enjoy all aspects of quilt study, from how, when and why they were made, to how long ago or how recently were they made.

I Have also had the role of the National Young Quilters Officer and thoroughly enjoy seeing how they work and the enjoyment they get when they have made a piece of work. The young people are not afraid of colour and instinctively put things together that adults may spend days worrying over. Given the tools to make they will design and make just like the rest of us.