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Deborah McGuire

Hello! Im Deb. I love to sew. You could call my quilt making a hobby, but its more of a compulsion! I sew every day and every quiet moment in my busy family life with 3 young kids and a menagerie of pets Im dreaming of new projects. I have been making quilts since 2000 and I am evangelical about encouraging other people to make a quilt. I think it is the most special sewing you can do. I love old fashioned patterns and traditional methods updated in modern fabrics, I am a contemporary traditionalist. I set up The PlainStitch Workroom in 2012 to share my love of patchwork and quilting which I ran until spring 2017. I design quilts and teach quilting classes. I am a student of the social history of quilt making. I am a member of the Modern Group and the Quilt Study Group. I love to feel the thread of history in the patterns I sew.

I am The Guild’s National Digital Officer and I help to share the great things about The Guilds Members and the rich history of quilt making this country enjoys. I am a director of The Guild’s commercial company FoQLtd