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A Quilting Conundrum

Whose quilt?

Many of you will remember the late, Roy Dickenson from Blandford who was a brilliant quilter, renowned for his wonderful wall hangings. For those of us who did City and Guilds with him he planned each piece of work with the precision of the draughtsman that he was. The last piece of work Roy embarked on was a double bed quilt for his daughter. Unfortunately, he died before he had even time to start sewing.  

Now this is when things begin to get interesting.  A lady from Shaftesbury called Pauline Sherlock took her dogs to the doggie beauty parlour for a trim.   The groomer mentioned she has another client[dog] whose owner's late husband was a quilter and that his widow is trying to find someone to finish a quilt.  They get in touch. But there are some problems, the quilt is still in the planning stage, some of the original silk and satin fabrics have been sold off with Roy's quilting materials, but the original paper plan is intact.  

Brave Pauline undertook to not just finish, but to actually make the whole top of the quilt according to Roy's design, buying in more fabric to match the original colour scheme.  A feat that took more than 90 hours of work.  The top was then long armed quilted at Midsomer quilting.  You can see from both the plan and the photo (click here) what an intricate pattern Roy had drawn out and how true to the plan Pauline's piecing was.  

The above raises two points, is it Roy's quilt, Pauline’s, or Roy's daughter's, and secondly watch out when you take your dog for a trim you might end up with more than you bargained for!