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Dorset Weekend a success

Angela Daymond teaching at Sunday's workshop

Members in Dorset had a great weekend recently – the last to be organised by Dorset Rep Maureen Rhodes.

On Saturday they were treated to two very different speakers but both extremely interesting and well worth a day out – especially as lunch was included!

Barbara Janssen gave food for thought on just what can be termed a “challenge” in patchwork and quilting. Answer – just about anything, as a challenge is personal to the quilter. Her examples demonstrated her struggle to not include a bright colour in a monochrome piece, and having to use a particularly bright pink fabric in a quilt when pink was so not her colour choice.

Then Angela Daymond gave the history of woad – a member of the brassica family that has been grown for centuries to produce a blue dye for wool, cotton or silk. Examples of her work demonstrated the soft and subtle shades as well as those with more intensity that are produced completely at random. She explained that the dyer has no control over the take-up into the fabric although it is possible to over-dye fabric in an attempt to deepen the colour or indeed, change it from blue to green by over-dyeing with another natural plant product – weld.

Sunday was a very relaxing day with a hand quilting workshop led by Angela and attended by a lovely group of quilters. Angela had kits containing pieces of her lovely naturally dyed fabrics required for the workshop which most of us chose to use. Deborah set up the shop full of kits and threads and a steady stream of students kept her busy much of the morning if only to admire the gorgeous colours.

If you would like these weekends to continue please take up the challenge and take over from Maureen – her details can be found here.

More photos from the weekend can be seen here .